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Diploma thesis

Design and implementation of an UML action language for embedded systems

(Original Title:Entwurf und Realisierung einer UML Action Language für Embedded Systems)



UML allows the modeling of IT systems. So far, algorithms could only be specified by means of their invariants. The extension of the UML by the Action Semantics entities allows the procedural modeling of algorithms independent of any programming language. The textual specification of Action Semantics is performed using an Action Language. Consequently, the UML Action Semantics in combination with an Action Language allow the complete specification of any system. In the course of this thesis an Action Language suitable for the modeling of embedded systems is defined.
An appropriate compiler is developed which generates Action Semantics entities from the Action Language fragments within a model. Structure and Realization of this compiler is discussed in greater depth. Furthermore, a framework allowing the generation of programming language code from Action Semantics entities is introduced, as well as a textual dumper of Action Semantics entities is implemented based on that framework.
The integration of the Action Language into the modeling processed is demonstrated, for this purpose a plug-in enabling the use of the compiler from within a UML modeling tool is implemented.

Tutor: Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel

In Cooperation with: method park Software AG