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Bachelor thesis

Development and Evaluation of a Software Fault Injector

(Original Title:Entwicklung und Bewertung eines Software-Fehlerinjektors)



The term Software Fault Injection is used to summarize a number of different Methods, that either create faults or errors in a program. Software Fault Injection methods are primarily employed during software test, in order to uncover software faults. This paper gives at first a general survey over different software fault injection techniques and describes what technique is at best used in a certain environment. Furthermore two different software fault injection methods will be applied to a COM-Server. Both methods will be implemented and tested. The tools are then used to test software that is controlling a digital mammography system. The main aspect of this paper lies on high-level fault injection methods, in specific on methods that are capable of altering the state of a program at runtime.

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Johannes Drexler

In Cooperation with: Siemens Medical Solutions