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Bachelor thesis

Traceability and verifiability of non-functional requirements in component based software-systems

(Original Title:Verfolgbarkeit und Prüfbarkeit nichtfunktionaler Anforderungen in komponentenbasierten Softwaresystemen)



The automotive engineering requires controllers, which fulfil increasingly more comprehensive tasks. Due to the rising complexity and reusability the software development is carried out following the component-oriented paradigm. The Requirements Engineering is the first step in the software development process and is often regarded as the most important step.
The software design indicates in each case, how the functional requirements are to be realized by the interaction of different components. A method for the tracing of not-functional requirements from application level to the components level and an approach for their examination was determined in this work. The resulting method was implemented and integrated into an industrial toolset.

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Martin Jung

In Cooperation with: Continental TEMIC