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Student thesis

Analysis of the new testing techniques provided by Visual Studio 2005 based on selected tools for projecting overhead contact lines

(Original Title:Untersuchung der neuen Testmöglichkeiten von Visual Studio 2005 anhand eines ausgewählten Programms zur Fahrleitungsprojektierung)



The quality requirements of software systems have drastically increased in the last years. Software testing is the most important and most efficient method in quality assurance. It is efficient for customers, users and developers. Many organisations therefore expand their software development process to also include a testing process. This seminar paper explores the possibilities of testing an industry project, software called 'Sicat Master' of the Siemens AG.
Many vendors offer software development environments or other standalone systems for software testing. One of these is the new 'Visual Studio 2005 Team System' from Microsoft. This is the first version to offer software testing features integrated with Visual Studio.
The first central point of this seminar paper is the comparison of 'Visual Studio”’s testing features with the features offered by other testing environments. The Second point is an evaluation of the suitability of 'Visual Studio' for testing 'Sicat Master'.
This seminar paper starts with the analysis of the functionality and development process of 'Sicat Master'. This leads to a suggestion for a development process augmented with testing and shows the required features of a software testing environment. 'Visual Studio' is then evaluated accordingly.
The comparison between 'Visual Studio' and the other test tools is accomplished using a criteria catalogue developed in this seminar paper. The criteria catalogue is project and organisation independent, and the criteria used apply to all testing tools. The criteria include global attributes like tool's cost, reputation or vendor's image, as well as aspects of testing like test management, performance tests, test execution, test case specification and static analysis. The usability of 'Visual Studio' for testing 'Sicat Master' is then evaluated. Finally, suggestions are presented on how to get better testing support for 'Sicat Master' in the fields where 'Visual Studio' is lacking.

Tutor: Dr.-Ing. Norbert Oster

In Cooperation with: Siemens Transportation Systems