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Diploma thesis

Requirements Analysis and Implementation of Incident Simulators

(Original Title:Anforderungsanalyse und Implementierung von Störfallsimulatoren)



For the purpose of instructing and training employees of energy providers, simulators allow to reproduce undesired system behaviour, in particular the occurrence of predefined hazardous events, thus allowing to verify in a realistic environment the correct personnel reaction.

Within this project the applicability of fault tree analysis for the purpose of the systematic deduction of relevant hazardous events was first investigated. Subsequently, the possibility of formally specifying hazardous incidents will be analysed. For this purpose, existing formalisms like event trees are to be evaluated in terms of their expressiveness and non-ambiguity and extended if required.In order to be able to check the correctness of the human reaction, approaches to describe acceptable system behaviour are to be analysed, a.o. the use of logic post conditions to model legal relations between physical process entities, or the use of temporal logic to model legal sequences of state transitions.

The approaches developed will be finally applied to the requirements analysis, the development and the verification of an incident simulator in the industrial environment of the Spectrum PowerCC network control system.

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Florin Pinte

In Cooperation with: Siemens PTD Energy Automation