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Diploma thesis

Application of Statistical Methods for the Classification of Symptoms and for the Estimation of the Reliability of Software-based Systems

(Original Title:Einsatz statistischer Verfahren zur Klassifizierung der Symptomatik und zur Schätzung der Zuverlässigkeit softwarebasierter Systeme)



During the utilisation phase of a complex software system, installed and used by many customers, a number of error messages are expected, which will be partially redundant to each other. In order to avoid the repeated diagnosis of equal or similar failures, it is reasonable to classify the reported symptoms in a way such that diagnostic tasks singly have to be done for each class. For the purpose of such a systematic classification of (correct or incorrect) system states, statistical methods have to be examined, if and to which extend those approaches can be used to identify patterns and correlations of predefined parameters and indicators. The evaluation of quantitative reliability measures on the basis of this statistical examination of the parameters of interest is also part of the analysis. Finally, the application of the acquired methodology has to be evaluated by means of a concrete employment in the field of medical technology.

Tutor: Dr. Sven Söhnlein

In Cooperation with: Siemens Medical Solutions