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Diploma thesis

Synchronisation of parallel systemtest and development environments delayed releases

(Original Title:Synchronisation von parallelen Systemtest- und Entwicklungsumgebungen bei zeitversetzten Releases)



The parallel software development becomes more and more important in the modern market economy. The causes for it are due to its chances, such as increase of development flexibility, shorter reaction time and quicker time to market. However there are also some threats. To handle these threats the company have to establish a matured configuration management, which allows for an ordered development and reproducible work results. An elaborated Strategy has to be adopted especially by branching, so that it is in accordance to the company needs. In the same time the branching degree has to be well-balances to hold on the one hand the effort and benefit equation and in the other hand the liveliness and stability of the software development.
In this word specials of parallel development have been analysed and its chances and threats disclosed. In this context it has been responded to the role of configuration management at large and its subordinated disciplines version control and change management. Thereby it has been spent a great attention to branching and merging. Furthermore it has been established a model to calculate the number of necessary merge procedures. In addition it was also the costs and efforts increase studied by increasing count of development lines. In the practical part of this work was the software 'Version Balancing' developed, which supports configuration management in the database area.

Tutor: Dr.-Ing. Norbert Oster

In Cooperation with: ING DiBa