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Automatic Test Data Generation to Support
Incremental Model- and Code-based Testing Procedures
for High Reliability Software Systems

UnITeD - Unterstützung Inkrementeller TestDaten

The project is carried out in cooperation with AFRA GmbH. It aims at increasing - far beyond the present state-of-the-art - the degree of testing automation for highly reliable and especially for safety-critical software, thus contributing both to fault detection and cost reduction.

Withing the project UnITed (the acronym UnITed standing for "Unterstützung inkrementeller Testdaten"), which is supported by the Bavarian State, new approaches for test automation are being developed and will be implemented by means of appropriate tools. A.o. such techniques will contribute to a significant reduction of testing effort in early development phases and also help to identify the need for additional verification activities at coding level. The test procedure is developed and will be tested in an industrial environment at our pilot partner Siemens Medical Solutions.

The project is divided into two sub-projects: both are concerned with automatic test data generation, the first of them focusing at unit level, the second one at component integration level. Both sub-projects follow a common concept for automatic test data generation, which was successfully developed at our Department within the project .gEAR and which will be adapted from code level to model level. On such a base, the fault detection capability of model-based tests and of structural code tests will be successively compared in order to use the insight gained for optimizing the increment steps of model-based testing phases.

Subproject 1: Automatic Test Data Generation at Unit Level

The following tasks have been performed: Subproject 2: Automation of Integration Testing

The main goal of this sub-project is to test interaction of communicating components, assuming that each component has been thoroughly tested either at unit level or in a different environment.

The following task has been carried out: Subproject 3: Superordinate Tasks

The accomplishment of the following tasks was relevant for both sub projects 1 and 2: In subsequent steps both sub-projects will aim at the following goals: Publications
Contact Person: Dr.-Ing. Florin Pinte