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The growing complexity and safety relevance of modern software-based systems, in particular of embedded software for the automatic control and surveillance of technical processes in many industrial areas, is presently requiring a crucial effort for the development and the quality assurance of highly reliable products. Today's growing size and reliability demands are challenging so far classical, well-established techniques to achieve and assess quality attributes both of the development process and of the final product. New adequate methods are urgently needed in many industrial fields. This demand for sound and cost-efficient design and verification procedures is particularly crucial in view of the increasing tendency to re-apply pre-developed components already proven-in-use. Component re-usability is obviously economically attractive, especially assuming the application of international and application-generic standards in the long run. Normative work on harmonized procedures for software development and certification is currently carried out by a number of international regulatory bodies.

These questions represent the main research topics at our Department of Software Engineering. The main research area "development and quality assessment of reliable complex software" essentially includes the following aspects:

Investigations on the above mentioned objectives include among others the following research topics: