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4th Year: Extension of teaching presence by compulsory course on "Programming in the Large", further intensification of industrial co-operations


Also this year was characterized by further extensions of teaching curricula and of industrial co-operations, as well as by the validation of novel approaches developed in the course of research projects with the purpose of supporting modern software development.


The rich teaching curriculum addressing students of Computer Science, Business Information Technology, Computational Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Linguistics was extended 2005 to include lectures especially conceived for computer science beginners. For this purpose, a new course titled "Software Systems 3" was developed addressing the peculiar problems of "programming in the large". This new course explains in detail a restricted selection of the most classical software engineering techniques and illustrates their practical application by examples.

Industrial Co-operations

Already existing industrial contacts with the Siemens divisions Transportation Systems, Automation & Drives, Medical Solutions, as well as with afra GmbH, OmniNet GmbH and Infoteam Software GmbH were further intensified and extended by new contacts, a.o. with Siemens Audiologische Technik and with Continental TEMIC.

The co-operations focused on topics of software technology which were addressed by scientific investigations in the light of industrial applications. They included areas such as automatic test case generation, traceability and demonstration of non-functional requirements, as well as methods for software reliability evaluation.

Research Co-operations

Well established research contacts on both national and international level were successfully sustained and extended by new ones at regional level with Franconian working groups and companies.

International Co-operations:
Once again, the Department of Software Engineering took part in the organisation of the annual SAFECOMP International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security in its coordinating function within the European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems (EWICS) and the European Network of Clubs for Reliability and Safety of Software-based Systems (ENCRESS). In September 2005 the 24th Conference of the SAFECOMP series brought together numerous participants from research institutions and industry to Fredrikstad, Norway.

Furthermore, the Department of Software Engineering also contributed to setting up the "Diversity Day", held at City University in London in January 2005. This event was organised by EWICS TC7 (European Workshop on Industrial Computer systems, Technical Committee on Reliability, Safety and Security) in conjunction with the Centre for Software Reliability (CSR). On this occasion the Department was offered the opportunity of presenting new research results on Diversity Supporting Component Re-usage in a New Application Context.

Also at the symposium "Critical Infrastructure Protection" (CIP Europe 2005), held as part of the Annual Conference of the German Computer Society GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik) at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn, the Department of Software Engineering was present with an invited talk on Convergence of Security, Safety and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection.

Last but not least, it was an honour for the Department of Software Engineering to host the summer meeting of EWICS TC7, which took place in Erlangen in June 2005. On this occasion the function of the Department Chair as EWICS vice-chairperson was renewed.

National Co-operations:
A highlight of the activities within the steering committee of GI Technical Section "Safety and Security" was the organisation of the second Annual Congress on Safety and Security, held in Regensburg in April 2005, to which the Department contributed also with a technical presentation.

Moreover, in October 2005 the Department hosted a general meeting of members of GI Technical Group ENCRESS (European Network of Clubs for Reliability and Safety of Software-Intensive Systems), during which the Department Chair was reconfirmed in its presiding function. We were likewise pleased to welcome in November 2005 the steering committee of GI Technical Section "Safety and Security" convening in Erlangen for its autumn meeting.

Finally, the Department of Software Engineering was also involved in preparation activities for the conference "Software Engineering 2005", organized by the University Duisburg-Essen and held in March 2005.

Regional Co-operations:
At regional level, the Department was invited to present research results on Statistical Testing of Highly Reliable Software on the occasion of a meeting of the ASQF-Technical Group on Software Testing.