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Annual reports

15th Year: Report of year 2016
14th Year: Report of year 2015
13th Year: Report of year 2014
12th Year: Successful accomplishment of the EU-Project R3-COP and start of a successor project
11th Year: Continuation of an EU-Project, successful accomplishment of an Industrial Co-Operation, successful conferral of a doctorate
10th Year: Award for a PhD-Thesis, Consultant Duties for scientific awards, Continuation of an EU Research Project
9th Year: Start of an EU-Project, again awarded PhD-Thesis, successful accomplishment of an industrial Feasibility Study
8th Year: New industrial tasks, activities in Standardization Boards, again an Award in Teaching
7th Year: Invitations to give Lectures, new Board Speaker Position and Co-Publishing activities, Award in Teaching
6th Year: International Co-Operations - Technical and Organizational Chair of International Conference, Cooperation with European Network of Excellence and with Academy of Finland
5th Year: First Doctoral Theses based on Research at our Department, Approval of Consortial Project with Industrial Partners, Appointment as Chair of International Conference
4th Year: Extension of teaching presence by compulsory course on "Programming in the Large", further intensification of industrial co-operations
3rd Year: Further Extension of Curriculum and of Industrial Co-operations, Dissemination of Research Results
2nd Year: Curriculum Extension and Industrial Co-Operations
1st Year: Foundation of the Department

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