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Computational Engineering Courses
offered at the Department of Software Engineering


Most lectures offered in this area by the Department of Software Engineering assume knowledge and insight to be gained in the introductory course "Grundlagen des Software Engineering" (Foundations of Software Engineeering). This course addresses the different phases of the software life-cycle, highlighting for each phase the essential constructive and analytical techniques to be applied, their strength, limit and complementarity, as well as their adequacy depending on the specific application area and reliability demands.

Bachelors / Masters Program

  • Foundations of Software Engineering (Credits: 4)

  • Software Verification and Validation (Credits: 4)

  • Fault-Tolerant Software Architectures (Credits: 4)

  • Software Reliability (Credits: 4)

  • Software Engineering Practice
  • Seminars

  • Hauptseminar Software Engineering
  • Bachelor / Master Thesis

    The Department of Software Engineering offers Bachelors and Masters Theses in Software Engineering.