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Bachelor thesis

Comparison of popular bugtracking tools and interconnection with a software reliability estimation tool

(Original Title:Vergleich gängiger Bugtracking Werkzeuge und Kopplung an ein Werkzeug zur Zuverlässigkeitsprognose)



Bugtracking is an essential element concerning the software development process. So called bugtracking tools will be applied for the systematic recording, preparing and tracking of detailed information about existing software failures.

Concerning this work the basic information about bugtracking is shown, presenting and comparing a representative choice of bugtracking tools. The considered tools come from open source projects (Bugzilla, GNATS and Mantis); also commercial solutions were considered (Atlassian JIRA, Tortuga Ozibug and Elementool by Elementool Inc.).

The profit, which can be achieved by the bugtracking tools concerning the software development process, was set separately concerning the end users, software developers and project managers, so that concrete statements could be made about the application of the considered tools regarding the project dimension and the application scenario. The profit, which can be achieved by the increase of speed and quality of the software development with bugtracking tools, is shown separately.

The alliance to reliability measurement tools is shown shortly as a forecast. An interface between the bugtracking tool Mantis and the reliability measurement tool CASRE shows the possibilities to get another added value out of the failure and bug information of the bugtracking tool.

Author: Dominik Wever

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Herbert Reiter