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Student thesis

Development of a CD player emulation

(Original Title:Entwicklung einer CD-Spieler-Emulation)



In the first stage of developing software to operate hardware components, a specification of the hardware-software-interfaces must be accurately defined. The interface specification must cover not only the nature and the significance of the signals, but also all the constraints related to the interfaces, such as illegal values or time constraints. For instance, in a CD-Player the tray may only be opened, after the CD completely stops.

In this work, the utilisability of the specification language OCL for describing hardware-software-interfaces has been examined. For this purpose a CD-Player emulator with exchangeable “firmware” was designed and implemented.

At first, the emulator was designed, the hardware-software-interfaces were specified by means of OCL, as far as the language allows. Then, the hardware of the CD-Player was emulated through Java software. The correctness of the hardware was verified by implementing an exemplary firmware, taking into account the interface specification. Based on the developed emulator, the utilisability of the language OCL in view of specifying hardware-software-interfaces was evaluated.

Author: Nizar Kallel

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Herbert Reiter