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Student thesis

Graphical Representation of Workflows

(Original Title:Graphische Darstellung von Workflows)



During development of complex software systems workflows are used for the description of management systems. The adequacy of workflows is very important for the development process and the quality of the system.
The aim of this work is to generate graphs out of workflow information stored in tables. Therefore an appropriate `Graph Drawing' algorithm for the graphical representation has to be used. The chosen approach has to be extensible for later editing of the graphical representation.
Also it has to be shown which properties of workflows can be seen more easily in graphical form than in table form. Using bug tracking workflows as example the benefit of graphical representation shall be shown.

Requirements: C++ (Windows), preferable: Graphical user interface development

Author: Adel Habassi

Tutor: Dipl. Math. Annette Merkel