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Student thesis

Development of a compiler for a component-based graphical programming language

(Original Title:Entwicklung eines Compilers für eine komponentenorientierte, graphische Programmiersprache)



The implementation of software takes place with conventional programming languages such as Java and C++ purely text-based. This representation is hardly accessible to persons from traditional engineering disciplines, which are not trained for the understanding of formal languages.

A visualization of the algorithm is substantially more intuitive by symbolic representation. Each processing step is hereby represented by a graphical component, which contains a description of input and output values as well as the data processing procedure. This component-oriented, graphical programming language supports the re-use of components as well as algorithm patterns in a natural way.

In this theses, first a xml representation for given constructs of the graphical programming language is to be developed that permits machine processing. Whereupon constructing a compiler is to be implemented in Java, that translates XML files into executable Java code.

Author: Jens Schiffers

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Herbert Reiter