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Student thesis

Development of an editor for a component-based graphical programming language

(Original Title:Entwicklung eines Editors für eine komponentenorientierte, graphische Programmiersprache)



My work focuses on a component-oriented approach for a graphical programming language. According to the paradigm of a graphical programming language, we try to realize this language as intuitive as possible. We support this through a consequential use of components to force a modular art of programming. You can save implemented components into a repository to reuse them later on in a different context.

Based on this approach I created an editor to build, save and load programs. At the creating process of programms I look out for a correct structure of the components as well as a type verification of the component connections. Furthermore I created a view concept to guarantee clarity.

Author: Sven-Dimo Korsch

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Herbert Reiter