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Diploma thesis

Cohesion metrics for the object oriented design of software systems

(Original Title:Kohäsionsmetriken für den Entwurf objektorientierter Softwaresysteme)



Until now there are some metrics measuring a software unit s cohesion. Thereof, only a few are adequate for object oriented software systems. Furthermore, these metrics need information that is available not until the implemenation phase of the software life cycle.
Some cohesion metrics are presented and evaluated. Moreover, a collection of new metrics for the determination of cohesion in object oriented software systems is introduced. These metrics can be calculated based on information that is given using notations from the Unified Modelling Language 2.0. Therefore the cohesion measurement using these metrics is possible during the design phase. This permits calculating the cohesion measurement of components, classes and methods. The calculations take also in the unit included sub-units cohesion measures into account.
As well, the new metrics are examined and evaluated to determine to which extend they mirror cohesion and which weaknesses they have. A software, which reads XMIDocuments and measures the included software units cohesion, is introduced. It is used to evaluate some examples in order to be able to discuss the cohesion metrics benefits.

Author: Johannes Drexler

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Martin Jung