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Student thesis

Model based generation of test cases

(Original Title:Modellbasierte Erzeugung von Testfällen)



In model-driven software development detailed specifications of systems are created which can be used to automatically create different parts of the implementation. In a similar way, specifications of test systems and their test cases can be developed to define how the correctness of the system can be validated. To accomplish this, a formal definition as provided by the Unified Modeling Language and its extension mechanism help to define a testing framework that enables the definition of test components and their behaviour needed during the testing phase.
This paper introduces the UML Testing Profile for UML 2.0 proposed by the OMG. In reference to this, a testing profile is defined using the means of UML 1.4 and OCL 1.1. To proof its concept, an application gets developed that reads models exported by an UML CASE tool in XMI format which contain elements of this profile. From these elements different processes can be started to automatically generate test cases and test scripts. Test scripts are created from test cases that are defined by sequence diagrams. They can be executed inside a specific test environment to compare the system's behaviour with the model. Another automatic mechanism analyses statecharts to generate test cases from them. Different methods can be employed to cover their control flow at different levels. Due to the complexity of statecharts, only simple statemachines are supported. Finally, the conclusion focuses on some advanced topics like full support of statecharts and generation of test data.

Author: Mirco Richter

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Martin Jung

In Cooperation with: afra GmbH