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Bachelor thesis

Interface Definition Language Design for Software Components

(Original Title:Entwurf einer Schnittstellenbeschreibungssprache für Software-Komponenten)



This thesis compares existing Interface Definition Languages (IDL), uses the result to develop an extended Interface Definition Language, and provides examples of the extended Interface Definition Language to illustrate its features. First, the existing Languages WSDL, OMG IDL and MIDL are compared. The result of the comparison is that no language satisfies the requirements. Based upon these results, an XML-Based IDL called eXtended IDL (XIDL) was developed. The new language was written with the XML-schema and can therefore be easily extended to meet future requirements. Beyond the ability to specify the components and their interfaces, the language implements state machines for method-calling-sequences; mechanisms for log-ging information during runtime; and authorisation of operational calls based on guards and conditions for permitted return values. The thesis describes the structure and usage of XIDL, and provides examples to illustrate its new features.

Author: Michael Rühlicke

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Johannes Drexler