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Student thesis

Assessment of test cases for structural test coverage of object-oriented Java-programs

(Original Title:Testfallbewertung zur strukturellen Testüberdeckung objektorientierter Java-Programme)



While testing software with so called structural tests, the test engineer must try to achieve a high code coverage in order to execute as much code as possible. Finding new test cases that cover non-executed parts of the control flow graph is not an easy task.
An advisable approach for this is to analyse test inputs which were already executed. Some of them will have missed the target (non-executed node / branch of the control flow graph) significantly, but others will have come quite close. The latter are good candidates for a slight modification that results in the test case reaching the target. To find such promising test cases, a method that rates the test cases with respect to their appropriateness is necessary.
Together with this paper a test valuation tool for Java has been implemented. The technique that was used relies on static and dynamic analysis. The static analysis part extracts a control flow graph out of the unmodified Java source code. By running the instrumented source code, the dynamic analysis determines which sections of the software where actually executed. With this method it is possible to compute how close (in a graph theoretical sense) the execution of the test case was to reaching the target node. With the help of distance functions a test case valuation can be given.

Author: Tobias Meyer

Tutor: Dr.-Ing. Norbert Oster