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Diploma thesis

UML-basierte Beschreibung von GUI-Prototypen

(Original Title:UML-basierte Beschreibung von GUI-Prototypen)



The construction of experienceable GUI prototypes constitutes a promising approach for the optimization of the development process in the context of automotive infotainment systems. The main goal pursued is an enhancement of the communication between designer and developer as well as a reduction of time and money consuming iterations in the development process.
These objectives may be reached by increasing the degree of automation of the interface between design and development. A continuous tool support is essential for the automation.
This work first analyzes requirements of GUI design tools, then determines criteria for an evaluation of those tools. The criteria are used to evaluate current tools.
In doing so the conclusion is found that more than one tool is necessary to cover all problem domains. An efficient way to transfer information between the tools is mandatory.
To enable such an information interchange, a common data model is derived. This model is able to gather information from different tools and serves as a communication device.
Finally, the integration of a GUI tool in the process chain is investigated. Beside an evaluation of the information content of the tool measured against the common model, a converter for the automation of the tools information export into the common data model is designed and implemented.

Author: Chiraz Labassi

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Martin Jung

In Cooperation with: Volkswagen AG