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Student thesis

Test Automation of a Process Visualisation System for Railed Vehicles

(Original Title:Testautomatisierung für ein Prozeßvisualisierungssystem für Schienenfahrzeuge)



Testing of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) is a very time-consuming and expensive task. There are many tries to automatise these tests. Within this research project a special HMI-System of the Siemens AG was examined for automatism. Based on these fundamentals some requirements were developed for an automatic-testing-tool and actual available tools were tested for integration. One of these tools, the Rational TestSuite, was selected and integrated. Additionally, metrics for test coverage were developed and applied to the process.
The graphical tests in this project are special GUI-tests, because they donít use standard graphical elements. The main task of the GUI is not to interact with the user but to display information.
The actual hard- and software prevents the automatism of all tests. Thatís why just the module test can be automatised. But nevertheless a cooperation with other departments, additional investigations and research have been started due to this work. May be it is possible to automatise the integration test one day too.
To enter and specify the test data an Excel workbook was provided with macros which make the used files out of the data in the worksheets. In this procedure it was taken care for separating code from data, so that updates of code could easily be done without touching the data. The Rational TestSuite can easily be lunched from the own menu items in Excel. Thus the user doesnít have to know how to handle the Rational TestSuite. With the programming language attached to the Rational it, the tool was customized in a way, that it can test the graphical user interface of the specified application automatically with the data from the Excel sheets.
The designed metrics for test coverage are based upon the three properties all graphical objects have in common: shown value, colour and twinkling frequency. For each of these properties a successive build up hierarchy was developed. The test criteria are getting severe from the low-hierarchy metrics to the high-hierarchy metrics and thus more and more test cases are demanded and the test coverage increases.

Author: Mario Kunze

Tutor: Dr.-Ing. Norbert Oster

In Cooperation with: Siemens Transportation Systems