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Diploma thesis

Automatic Requirement Traceability for Evaluating and Optimizing Design Quality

(Original Title:Automatische Anforderungsverfolgbarkeit zur Bewertung und Optimierung der Entwurfsqualität )



The software development is coined by the gradual refinement ranging from a first 'idea' over requirements to the software design. The implementation is then derived from this design. In order to keep the requirements consistent the traceability was identified as an elementary quality requirement in the of requirements analysis. By extending the trace of relationships to all artefacts of the life cycle, you receive a network of associations that makes traceability possible beyond the borders of the specification. This thesis points out the different relations that exist between artefacts. In addition, beyond that domains, which bundle typical tasks, are separated within the life cycle from software. The dependences between these domains represent the relations between different artefacttypes of a development process. By suitable metrics quality criteria are determined on the basis of these dependences. Check lists of inconsistent artefacts serve the optimization of the design. Different commercial tools are examined in a confronting investigation concerning their support of the traceability. In a tool, which is attached to one of the requirement analysis tools, the network with the relations is indicated and the metrics are evaluated.

Author: Christian Wille

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Johannes Drexler