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Student thesis

Fault Description Language and Fault Injection for Component-based Software Systems

(Original Title:Fehlerbeschreibungssprache und Fehlerinjektion für komponentenbasierte Softwaresysteme)



As a result of rising complexity of software systems and rising requirements in the flexibility in such systems, as well as the search for possible cost reductions in all areas, component based systems are applied more often. So called wrappers are used to prevent integration errors from happening. To test wrappers errors will be planted into the running system. In this study a formal language will be defined. Based on a classification of interface inconsistencies, errors will be described using the formal language. Based on this a fault injector will be implemented. It receives error descriptions in a former defined notation and injects those errors into a CORBA component based software system.

Author: Kun Zeng

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Johannes Drexler