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Diploma thesis

Combining Coupling and Cohesion Metrics to Evaluate Preliminary Software Designs

(Original Title:Verknüpfung von Kopplungs- und Kohäsionsmetriken zur Bewertung des Software-Grobentwurfs )



Cohesion and coupling metrics are common means for evaluating the quality of software design studies. These metrics are used to rate functional relations and the degree of dependencies between software parts.
First of all, existing coupling metrics will be examined and evaluated in this thesis. Based on this, a new coupling metric for components and classes of software designs will be identified and evaluated.
For evaluating the quality of a software design, the new coupling metric will be associated with an existing cohesion metric. Criteria for the associated function between cohesion and coupling will be introduced.
Finally, a software tool will be presented that implements these cohesion, coupling and goodness metrics to evaluate UML designs which are stored in XMI.

Author: Kerstin Spiegel

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Johannes Drexler