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Student thesis

Realization of a SNMP-Gateway for a Workflow Management System

(Original Title:Umsetzung eines SNMP-Gateway für ein Workflow-Managementsystem)



Workflow management systems (WFMS) are used for the support of the development process of complex software systems. If a failure in a network occurs (e.g. an outage of a knot) a problem report has to be created manually and has to be entered into a workflow management system. The workflow management system takes care of the report processing.

The aim of this work is to extend an existing workflow management system. In particular it has to enable the reception of network management information about active network components and to process this information via the simple network management protocol (SNMP). If a failure is detected, problem reports are to be created automatically and entered into the workflow management system for further processing.

Another focus will be the severity of the failure in relation to network topology. An appropriate metric is required to describe the relevance of a network element with respect to the network topology. Based on this metric, adequate workflows are to be identified, presented and illustrated by examples.

Author: Andreas Konrad

Tutor: Dipl. Math. Annette Merkel

In Cooperation with: OmniNet GmbH