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Diploma thesis

Static analysis of the dataflow of object-oriented Java-programs

(Original Title:Statische Analyse des Datenflusses objekt-orientierter Java-Programme)



Data-flow-based program testing relies on a static data-flow analysis to determine the relevant program paths that need to be covered. This thesis presents criteria for the evaluation of different data-flow analysis techniques. A selection of techniques that are suited for object-oriented programming languages is evaluated using the presented criteria. This thesis furthermore presents a new data-flow analysis technique specifically targeted at Java. The new technique is based on a flow- and context-sensitive points-to analysis that is carried out by symbolic execution of Java Bytecode.
Additionally this thesis presents a dynamic analysis technique that is used to determine how many of the statically identified data-flow-relevant paths are covered by test cases. This coverage information is obtained by instrumenting the Bytecode so that executed paths are logged.

Author: Benjamin Polak

Tutor: Dr.-Ing. Norbert Oster