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Student thesis

Formal Aquisition and Analysis of functional and nonfunctional Metadata by means of a repository

(Original Title:Formale Erfassung und Auswertung funktionaler und nichtfunktionaler Metadaten mittels eines Repositories)



This paper deals with the description and the search for components and their services in repositories. It is an extension to the Consistent Component Integration (CCI) project. For that purpose functional and non functional properties of componentes and their services are examined and appropriate description methods are chraracterised. In this paper approaches taken form artificial intelligence are presented, and their suitability for descriptions of components with their services is examined. In doing so each of the descriptions is reviewed, wether it is searchable or not.
In addition, this paper presents search techniques in different data.
Especially, these are diverse string matching algorithms. Finally the implementation of search and description techniques for components and services in CCI is discussed.

Author: Frank Mattauch

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Martin Jung