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Diploma thesis

Specification, Design and Implementation of a multiagent-based Simulation

(Original Title:Spezifikation, Entwurf und Implementierung einer multiagentenbasierten Simulation)



In this thesis, a new multi agent based system ModABS was developed, which is particularly useful for simulation purposes. Initially, the new ModABS should have served a particular application for a specific industrial branch as a platform for simulations in the context of various studies. However, during the development of this thesis it was recognised that ModABS can be arranged with such flexibility, via its modular structure, that it is also applicable to a wide range of other simulations in other, diverse branches and types of applications.
At first, in development of this thesis, different known multi agent based systems were examined. The established advantages and disadvantages of the respective systems were considered according to engineering requirements. In addition, in order to determine the functional requirements for ModABS, three multi agent based simulation systems originating from a military context (MANA, Pythagoras and Socrates) were analyzed. To determine the system requirements and agent architecture, two open source projects (JADE and SeSAm) were considered to be more relevant. In addition, FIPA specifications, which have been the IEEE’s standards since 2005, were also taken into account in the development of the ModABS.
The unique features of the ModABS are identified as follows: modular architecture, layer model (action, behaviour, knowledge) for structuring of the agent components, development – regardless of industrial branch, use of FIPA standards, component reuse, flexibility in component replacement through interface binding and an option for user defined components and agent definitions.

Author: Arthur Herzog

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. Martin Jung

In Cooperation with: EADS Deutschland GmbH