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Diploma thesis

Design and development of a test system for integration testing

(Original Title:Entwicklung eines Testsystems für den Integrationstest)



Modern software systems are very complex. During the whole developing process of a software product faults can and will occur. Different test methods for finding faults at an early stage are available for each phase of the development process. Typically integration is partitioned into several steps in order to manage the systemís complexity and to verify each step separately.
This work defines an overall concept for the integration test and discusses different concepts for test automation. The definition of integration test varies a lot in the literature. Because of that the integration test will be introduced and explained right at the beginning of this work. It will be compared with component test and system test. Afterwards different integration strategies will be presented. By selecting an adequate integration strategy even parts of the system architecture can be tested early.
To evaluate the quality of an integration test, test criteria are needed. In this document different integration test criteria are developed. Concepts will be presented for checking the compliance with the criteria:
Analysing a system under integration test or its model thoroughly leads to end of test criteria. Selecting the data needed to define such criteria is another topic discussed in this document. Based on formal languages such as CTL and OCL it will be demonstrated how criteria can be formulated as an expression, that a model-checker can use it. The model-checker checks on a computation tree if the predicates are satisfied. The computation tree can be generated from the execution protocols of the test runs. For this purpose methods to generate such execution protocols are presented in this work.

Author: Thomas Grzenkowski

Tutor: Dr.-Ing. Norbert Oster

In Cooperation with: Siemens Automation and Drives