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Student thesis

Requirements Analysis and Evaluation of Software-Documentation Systems

(Original Title:Anforderungsanalyse und bewertender Vergleich von Software-Dokumentationssystemen)



Although it represents an essential part of software systems, the documentation is often neglected or completely missing. With regard to the maintenance and care of the system, however, the existence of a complete, updated and consistent documentation is a basic prerequisite. The effects of a missing or poor documentation reveal in problems of familiarisation in the case of a crew change, dispensable amount of work during the maintenance and problems in case of customisation of the system, which may lead to a higher error-proneness, for instance. In order to avoid the shortcomings of an insufficient documentation, general criteria have to be identified which documentations have to fulfil for developer purposes. Moreover, existing documentation approaches and tools have to be evaluated on the basis of these criteria. Both aspects have to be considered in general, as well as with respect to a project in cooperation with the company Komke Consulting. Finally, the results provide as a basis for the identification of a sound documentation procedure for this project and the realisation of the documentation.

Author: Konstantin Harwart

Tutor: Dr. Sven Söhnlein

In Cooperation with: Komke Consulting