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Diploma thesis

cohesion- and coupling-analysis in component-oriented systems

(Original Title:Kohäsions- und Kopplungs-Analyse in komponentenorientierten Systemen)

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The cohesion and coupling are primary attributes to the software systems. There are new metrics of cohesion and coupling that can be evaluated for the object oriented systems. But the measuring is still based on UML models. This article introduces a code-model-mapping method, which can transform Java code to UML models. In the transformation activity models and class models will be created. In order to create an enhanced component model, in which all generated models inclusive the components will be put together, we have to use the external components, so that all static and dynamic information of Java code are available to the measuring. A tool, which was developed as an eclipse plug-in, shows the code-model- mapping and gives the results of evaluated metrics. At last some useful Refactoring methods are introduced to improve the cohesion and coupling in code.

Author: Zengyu Lu

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Josef Adersberger