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Student thesis

UML and SysML model integration for continuous traceability

(Original Title:Integration von UML und SysML Modellen für eine durchgängige Traceability)



In the software development process one must occupy oneself with many conceptual levels, basically one goes from a higher level to a lower level and in every level we have different views. During the software development process there is typically requirement, specifica- tion, design and implementation phase that is indeed in different conceptual levels. For example one has techniques as data-oriented, action-oriented and object-oriented design processes in the design phase that are just different views of developers. For each perspective a corresponding metamodel is provided, with that one can build up and edit these domain-specific models. Along this student research project, the integra- tion model is developed. The goal is to integrate different models from different software development phases. In the background the model integration is a part of the model tracea- bility project in which one can trace objects from different models in different development phases or timelines after the integration process of models. The idea is to have a common metamodel(Trace metamodel), this metamodel must at least be able to represent all artifacts and relations between artifacts from all models, which need to be integrated. Based on Trace metamodel all models will be integrated through a transformation technique. In this work we set a lot of value onto the uniqueness of integrated artifacts and the reintegrating of models. Therefore different transformation languages as QVT Relational/Operational, ATL, Xtend and their corresponding tools can be examined in order to find the best for our challenges. For the demonstrating requirement diagram in the SysML-model, use case, component and class diagram in the UML-model will be integrated.

Author: Duy Ninh Nguyen

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Josef Adersberger