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Student thesis

Modeling and Analysis of Security Threats in Industrial Power Plants

(Original Title:Modeling and Analysis of Security Threats in Industrial Power Plants)



Ensuring safety (protection of humans and environment) and security (protection of information) of industrial power plants represents a major challenge. The main threat to security is represented by malicious attacks. In order to avoid security leaks, possible threat scenarios must be timely identified prior to system development and deployment. This requires the plant being adequately described by an appropriate notation language, allowing for a systematic representation and analysis of security demands. This thesis is aimed at identifying appropriate approaches (e.g. modeling languages) for describing and analyzing security demands in power plants. By comparing, extending and refining existing languages, a notation is to be identified supporting

In particular, the notations considered are to be assessed also in the light of the available tool support. On the basis of the description language selected, appropriate risk assessment methodologies (e.g. Attack Tree Analysis) are to be analyzed supporting the identification of sequences of events which may potentially exploit security leaks. This work is done in cooperation with the Overall Instrumentation & Control / IT Security section of AREVA NP GmbH.

Author: Andrei Voina

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf Marc Spisländer