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Master thesis

Identification, Structuring and Tracing of Requirements for Satellite Communication Systems

(Original Title:Identification, Structuring and Tracing of Requirements for Satellite Communication Systems)



Although the structure and the employed elements are similar across many current satellite communications standards, the level of detail and semantic of the requirements may differ, as such documents usually have not been written using well-defined methods. Thus, transformations of the original standard document are required in order to allow for both systematically analysing the requirements (e.g. with respect to completeness, consistency or feasibility) and developing a standard-conforming implementation. Therefore, this master thesis includes an initial phase, where a selected set of communication standards concerning OSI layers 1 and 2 are being reviewed to identify and classify common structural and descriptive elements. During a subsequent phase specification languages (e.g. State Machines, Data Flow Diagrams or controlled English) as well as engineering methods for requirements management (e.g. Volere) are to be selected from literature and to be assessed in terms of their adequacy to capture the elements identified in the initial phase. Based on the results the thesis has to provide guidance concerning the transformation from satellite communication standards to well-defined, analysable and implementable requirement documents. This transformation must support the traceability from standard elements to requirements and vice-versa. Such a transformation process has to be illustrated by application to a specific satellite communication standard.

Author: Carlos Valdes

Tutor: Dipl.-Inf Marc Spisländer

In Cooperation with: Fraunhofer IIS