Seminar Design Patterns und Anti-Patterns


Lecturers: Dipl.-Inf. Marc Spisländer, L. Alsardy, X. Wu


Wednesday 16:00–17:30 Room 00.156-113


Preliminary talk 26.04.2017 Lecturer
Introduction to Design Patterns 03.05.2017 reserved
Creational Design Patterns: Abstract Factory, Prototype, Singleton 10.05.2017 reserved
Creational Design Patterns: Factory Method, Builder, Flyweight 17.05.2017 reserved
Structural Design Patterns: Adapter, Decorator, Facade 24.05.2017 reserved
Structural Design Patterns: Composite, Bridge, Proxy 31.05.2017 reserved
Behavioral Design Patterns: Observer, Command, Visitor 07.06.2017 reserved
Behavioral Design Patterns: Template Method, Strategy, Mediator 14.06.2017 reserved
Behavioral Design Patterns: Interpreter, Iterator, Memento 21.06.2017 reserved
State, Chain of Responsibility, Dependency Injection 28.06.2017 reserved
Patterns to other levels: Architecture Patterns and Enterprise Integration Patterns 05.07.2017 reserved
Refactoring 12.07.2017 reserved
Introduction to Anti-Patterns 19.07.2017 reserved
Development Anti-Patterns: The Blob, Functional Decomposition, Lava Flow 26.07.2017 reserved
Architecture Anti-Patterns: Stovepipe Enterprise, Stovepipe System, Vendor Lock-In 26.07.2017 reserved


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