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Software Engineering in der Praxis

Content of practical course

Lecturer: Dipl.-Inf. M. Spisländer, Loui Al Sardy, M. Eng.


Monday, 14:00–16:15, Room 01.153-113

Presentation slides and exercise sheets

The introductory presentation summarises important organisational information, a.o. the requirements for achieving a certificate resp. examination. The guiding theme of this practical course is the automatic production cell.

Requirements Engineering
OOA Exercises Borland Together UML 2.0 Tutorial
Petri Nets Exercises TINA, PIPE Petri Nets World
Time Petri Nets Time Petri Nets Exercises TINA
Model Checking Exercises NuSMV Quick Reference NuSMV, NuSMV Tutorial, NuSMV Manual
Model Checking 2 Exercises
OOD Exercises Borland Together
Software Metrics / Static Analysis Exercises Borland Together, FindBugs JDKSort, JAP AN.ON
Functional Testing Exercises Borland Together Samples
Structural Testing Exercises CodeCover (Referenz) Samples
Version Control Exercises Subversion, StatSVN Subversion Book