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September 17th
September 18th
September 19th
September 20th
September 21th
EWICS TC7 Meeting EWICS TC7 Meeting


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Wednesday - September 19th, 2007

9:00-9:15 Opening Session
Welcome Addresses
    Francesca Saglietti (Conference Chair)
    Thomas A. H. Schöck (Chancellor of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
    Udo Voges (EWICS TC7 Chair)
9:15-10:00 Keynote Address 1 - Invited Talk
    Session Chair: Francesca Saglietti - University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany)
Rubin - The Driverless Metro System in Nuremberg
Safety Aspects and Technical Solution
    Invited Speaker:
    Wolfgang Groß - Siemens Transportation Systems (Germany)
10:00-10:50 Session 1: Safety Cases
    Session Chair: Bev Littlewood - City University of London (United Kingdom)
Establishing Evidence for Safety Cases in Automotive Systems - A Case Study
    Willem Ridderhof - ISPS Medical Software (The Netherlands)
    Hans-Gerhard Gross - Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
    Heiko Doerr - CARMEQ (Germany)
Goal-Based Safety Cases for Medical Devices: Opportunities & Challenges
    Mark A. Sujan - University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
    Floor Koornneef - Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
    Udo Voges - Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Germany)
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
11:10-12:25 Session 2: Impact of Security on Safety
    Session Chair: Inga-Lill Bratteby-Ribbing - FMV (Sweden)
Electronic Distribution of Airplane Software and the Impact of Information Security on Airplane Safety
    Richard Robinson - Boeing Phantom Works (USA)
    Mingyan Li - Boeing Phantom Works (USA)
    Scott Lintelman - Boeing Phantom Works (USA)
    Krishna Sampigethaya - University of Washington (USA)
    Radha Poovendran - University of Washington (USA)
    David von Oheimb - Siemens Corporate Technology (Germany)
    Jens-Uwe Bußer - Siemens Corporate Technology (Germany)
    Jorge Cuellar - Siemens Corporate Technology (Germany)
Future Perspectives: The Car and its IP-Address - A Potential Safety and Security Risk Assessment
    Andreas Lang - University of Magdeburg (Germany)
    Jana Dittmann - University of Magdeburg (Germany)
    Stefan Kiltz - University of Magdeburg (Germany)
    Tobias Hoppe - University of Magdeburg (Germany)
Modelling Interdependencies between the Electricity and Information Infrastructures
    Jean-Claude Laprie - LAAS-CNRS (France)
    Karama Kanoun - LAAS-CNRS (France)
    Mohamed Kaâniche - LAAS-CNRS (France)
12:25-13:55Lunch Break
13:55-14:25Session 3: Presentation of EWICS Activities
    Session Chair: Gerd Rabe - TÜV Nord (Germany)
Technical Subgroup on Safety of Medical Devices
    Floor Koornneef - Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)

Technical Subgroup on Security of Safety-Critical Computer Systems
    Odd Nordland - SINTEF (Norway)

Technical Subgroup on Maintenance and Modification of Diverse Systems
    Erwin Schoitsch - Austrian Research Centers (Austria)

Technical Subgroup on Education and Training in Dependable Systems Engineering
    Udo Voges - Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Germany)
14:25-14:55Poster Session 1
    Session Chair: Bjørn Axel Gran - OECD Halden Reactor Project (Norway)
Handling Malicious Code on Control Systems
    Wan-Hui Tseng - Yuan-Ze University (Taiwan)
    Chin-Feng Fan - Yuan-Ze University (Taiwan)
Management of Groups and Group Keys in Multi-Level Security Environments
    Mohammad Alhammouri - The George Washington University (USA)
    Sead Muftic - Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
Application of the XTT Rule-Based Model for Formal Design and Verification of Internet Security Systems
    Grzegorz J. Nalepa - University of Science and Technology (Poland)
RAMSS Analysis for a Co-operative Integrated Traffic Management System
    Armin Selhofer - Austrian Research Centers (Austria)
    Thomas Gruber - Austrian Research Centers (Austria)
    Michael Putz - Austrian Research Centers (Austria)
    Erwin Schoitsch - Austrian Research Centers (Austria)
    Gerald Sonneck - Tribun (Austria)
Combining Static/Dynamic Fault Trees and Event Tree using Bayesian Networks
    S. M. Hadi Hosseini - Tohoku University (Japan)
    Makoto Takahashi - Tohoku University (Japan)
Component Fault Tree Analysis Resolves Complexity: Dependability Confirmation for a Railway Brake System
    Reiner Heilmann - Siemens Corporate Technology (Germany)
    Stefan Rothbauer - Siemens Corporate Technology (Germany)
    Ariane Sutor - Siemens Corporate Technology (Germany)
14:55-15:15Coffee Break
15:15-16:30Session 4: Fault Tree Analysis
Session Chair: Max Walter - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
Compositional Temporal Fault Tree Analysis
    Martin Walker - University of Hull (United Kingdom)
    Leonardo Bottaci - University of Hull (United Kingdom)
    Yiannis Papadopoulos - University of Hull (United Kingdom)
Representing Parameterised Fault Trees Using Bayesian Networks
    William Marsh - Queen Mary University of London (United Kingdom)
    George Bearfield - Queen Mary University of London / Rail Safety and Standards Board (United Kingdom)
Human Error Analysis Based on a Semantically Defined Cognitive Pilot Model
    Andreas Lüdtke - OFFIS (Germany)
    Lothar Pfeifer - OFFIS (Germany)
17:00-19:30 Technical Visit at the Underground Railway Control Centre
18:00-20:00 Visit of the late Renaissance "Fembo Haus"
20:00Welcome Reception at the Nuremberg Town Hall

Thursday - September 20th, 2007

8:30-10:10 Session 5: Safety Analysis
    Session Chair: Peter B. Ladkin - University of Bielefeld (Germany)
Safety Analysis of Safety-Critical Software for Nuclear Digital Protection System
    Gee-Yong Park - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Jang-Soo Lee - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Se-Woo Cheon - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Kee-Choon Kwon - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Eunkyoung Jee - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea)
    Kwang Yong Koh - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea)
Specification of a Software Common Cause Analysis Method
    Rainer Faller - (Germany)
Combining Bayesian Belief Networks and the Goal Structuring Notation to Support Architectural Reasoning about Safety
    Weihang Wu - University of York (United Kingdom)
    Tim Kelly - University of York (United Kingdom)
Application of Interactive Cause & Effect Diagrams to Safety-Related PES in Industrial Automation
    Hans Russo - infoteam Software (Germany)
    Andreas Turk - infoteam Software (Germany)
10:10-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-12:10Session 6: Security Aspects
    Session Chair: Floor Koornneef - Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Survival by Deception
    Martin Gilje Jaatun - SINTEF ICT (Norway)
    Åsmund Ahlmann Nyre - SINTEF ICT (Norway)
    Jan Tore Sørensen - Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)
How to Secure Bluetooth-based Pico Networks
    Dennis K. Nilsson - Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
    Phillip A. Porras - SRI International (USA)
    Erland Jonsson - Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
Learning from your Elders: A Shortcut to Information Security Management Success
    Finn Olav Sveen - University of Navarra (Spain)
    Jose Manuel Torres - University of Navarra (Spain)
    Jose Maria Sarriegi - University of Navarra (Spain)
Intrusion Attack Tactics for the Model Checking of e-Commerce Security Guarantees
    Stylianos Basagiannis - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
    Panagiotis Katsaros - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
    Andrew Pombortsis - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
12:10-13:40Lunch Break
13:40-14:10Poster Session 2
    Session Chair: Robert Genser - ÖGART (Austria)
Safety Process Improvement with POSE & Alloy
    Derek Mannering - General Dynamics UK Limited (United Kingdom)
    Jon G. Hall - The Open University (United Kingdom)
    Lucia Rapanotti - The Open University (United Kingdom)
Defense-in-Depth and Diverse Qualification of Safety-Critical Software
    Horst Miedl - Institut für Sicherheitstechnologie (Germany)
    Jang-Soo Lee - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Arndt Lindner - Institut für Sicherheitstechnologie (Germany)
    Ernst Hoffman - Institut für Sicherheitstechnologie (Germany)
    Josef Martz - Institut für Sicherheitstechnologie (Germany)
    Young-Jun Lee - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Jong-Gyun Choi - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Jang-Yeol Kim - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Kyoung-Ho Cha - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Se-Woo Cheon - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Cheol-Kwon Lee - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Gee-Yong Park - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
    Kee-Choon Kwon - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)
Experimental Evaluation of the DECOS Fault-Tolerant Communication Layer
    Jonny Vinter - Technical Research Institute of Sweden (Sweden)
    Henrik Eriksson - Technical Research Institute of Sweden (Sweden)
    Astrit Ademaj - Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
    Bernhard Leiner - TTTech Computertechnik (Austria)
    Martin Schlager - TTTech Computertechnik (Austria)
Achieving Highly Reliable Embedded Software: An Empirical Evaluation of Different Approaches
    Falk Salewski - RWTH Aachen University (Germany)
    Stefan Kowalewski - RWTH Aachen University (Germany)
A Concept for a Safe Realization of a State Machine in Embedded Automotive Applications
    Jürgen Mottok - Regensburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
    Frank Schiller - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
    Thomas Völkl - Siemens VDO Automotive (Germany)
    Thomas Zeitler - Siemens VDO Automotive (Germany)
14:10-15:25Session 7: Verification & Validation
    Session Chair: Martin Rothfelder - Siemens (Germany)
Safety Demonstration and Software Development
    Jean-Claude Laprie - LAAS-CNRS (France)
Improving Test Coverage for UML State Machines Using Transition Instrumentation
    Mario Friske - Fraunhofer FIRST (Germany)
    Bernd-Holger Schlingloff - Fraunhofer FIRST (Germany)
Verification of Distributed Applications
    Bruno Langenstein - DFKI (Germany)
    Andreas Nonnengart - DFKI (Germany)
    Georg Rock - DFKI (Germany)
    Werner Stephan - DFKI (Germany)
15:25-15:45Coffee Break
15:45-16:45Panel: Certifying Software Tools for Dependable Systems
Panel Members:
    Peter Ladkin - University of Bielefeld (Germany)
    Bev Littlewood - Centre for Software Reliability, City University of London (United Kingdom)
    Rainer Faller - (Germany)
    Ralf Pinger - Siemens Rail Automation (Germany)
    Stefan-Alexander Schneider - BMW (Germany)
16:45-18:00Session 8: Platform Reliability
    Session Chair: Odd Nordland - SINTEF (Norway)
Analysis of Combinations of CRC in Industrial Communication
    Tina Mattes - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
    Jörg Pfahler - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
    Frank Schiller - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
    Thomas Honold - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
A Comparison of Partitioning Operating Systems for Integrated Systems
    Bernhard Leiner - TTTech Computertechnik (Austria)
    Martin Schlager - TTTech Computertechnik (Austria)
    Roman Obermaisser - Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
    Bernhard Huber - Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
Software Encoded Processing: Building Dependable Systems with Commodity Hardware
    Ute Wappler - Technical University of Dresden (Germany)
    Christof Fetzer - Technical University of Dresden (Germany)
19:00-20:00Guided Tour through the City of Nuremberg
20:00Conference Dinner

Friday - September 21st, 2007

8:30-9:10Keynote Address 2 - Invited Talk
    Session Chair: Udo Voges - Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Germany)
The 7th Framework Program on Security, Dependability and Trust
    Invited Speaker:
    Yves Paindaveine - IST Programme, DG INFSO, European Commission
9:10-10:25 Session 9: Reliability Evaluation
    Session Chair: Wolfgang Ehrenberger - University of Applied Sciences Fulda (Germany)
Reliability Modeling for the Advanced Electric Power Grid
    Ayman Z. Faza - University of Missouri-Rolla (USA)
    Sahra Sedigh - University of Missouri-Rolla (USA)
    Bruce M. McMillin - University of Missouri-Rolla (USA)
Case Study on Bayesian Reliability Estimation of Software Design of Motor Protection Relay
    Atte Helminen - TVO (Finland)
A Reliability Evaluation of a Group Membership Protocol
    Valério Rosset - University of Porto (Portugal)
    Pedro F. Souto - University of Porto (Portugal)
    Paulo Portugal - University of Porto (Portugal)
    Francisco Vasques - University of Porto (Portugal)
10:25-10:45Poster Session 3
Session Chair: Werner Stephan - DFKI (Germany)
Bounds on the Reliability of Fault-Tolerant Software Built by Forcing Diversity
    Kizito Salako - City University of London (United Kingdom)
A Tool for Network Reliability Analysis
    Andrea Bobbio - University of Piemonte Orientale (Italy)
    Roberta Terruggia - University of Torino (Italy)
    Andrea Boellis - ENEA (Italy)
    Ester Ciancamerla - ENEA (Italy)
    Michele Minichino - ENEA (Italy)
DFT and DRBD in Computing Systems Dependability Analysis
    Salvatore Distefano - University of Messina (Italy)
    Antonio Puliafito - University of Messina (Italy)
Development of Model Based Tools to Support the Design of Railway Control Applications
    István Majzik - Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)
    Zoltán Micskei - Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)
    Gergely Pintér - Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)
10:45-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:15Session 10: Formal Methods
    Session Chair: Bettina Buth - Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
Formal Specification and Analysis of AFDX Redundancy Management Algorithms
    Jan Täubrich - Philips Medical Systems DMC (Germany)
    Reinhard von Hanxleden - University of Kiel (Germany)
Modeling and Automatic Failure Analysis of Safety-Critical Systems using Extended Safecharts
    Yean-Ru Chen - National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
    Pao-Ann Hsiung - National Chung Cheng University (Taiwan)
    Sao-Jie Chen - National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
Using Deductive Cause-Consequence Analysis (DCCA) with SCADE
    Matthias Güdemann - University of Augsburg (Germany)
    Frank Ortmeier - University of Augsburg (Germany)
    Wolfgang Reif - University of Augsburg (Germany)
12:15-13:35Lunch Break
13:35-14:25Session 11: Static Code Analysis
    Session Chair: Albrecht Weinert - Bochum University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
Experimental Assessment of Astrée on Safety-Critical Avionics Software
    Jean Souyris - Airbus France (France)
    David Delmas - Airbus France (France)
Detection of Runtime Errors in MISRA C Programs: A Deductive Approach
    Ajith K.J. - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (India)
    Babita Sharma - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (India)
    A.K. Bhattacharjee - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (India)
    S.D. Dhodapkar - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (India)
    S. Ramesh - Indian Institute of Technology (India)
14:25-15:40 Session 12: Safety-related Architectures
    Session Chair: Erwin Schoitsch - Austrian Research Centers (Austria)
A Taxonomy for Modelling Safety Related Architectures in Compliance with Functional Safety Requirements
    Jesper Berthing - Danfoss Drives (Denmark)
    Thomas Maier - Danfoss Drives (Denmark)
Controller Architecture for Safe Cognitive Technical Systems
    Sebastian Kain - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
    Hao Ding - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
    Frank Schiller - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
    Olaf Stursberg - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
Improved Availability and Reliability using Re-configuration Algorithm for Task or Process in an Flight Critical Software
    CM Ananda - National Aerospace Laboratories (India)
15:40-16:10 Closing Session
Invitation to SAFECOMP 2008
    Mark A. Sujan - University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
Summary and Farewell
    Udo Voges (EWICS TC7 Chair)
    Francesca Saglietti (SAFECOMP 2007 Conference Chair)
16:10Coffee and Wrap Up